Nuts & Bolts. Exhibition during IFFR



‘It’s always darkest before it turns black’

When entering the space the viewer sees a panoramic 6 meter long screen made of ricepaper. The screen is lid from the back and the viewer sees the projection of  a parade of shadowpuppets, all going in one direction. Each of the eight puppets is holding an object in their hand or making a gesture (fork, pen, thermometer, paintbrush) The background is, not with the naked eye, changing slowly.  When the viewer goes behind the screen,  the back stage secret is revealed and the background becomes the foreground. The background are slowly melting lenses made of colorful ice.

on view as part of the exhibition curated by Edwin Carels for IFFR.

26-1 till 5-2 2017. Open daily from 11 till 21h.

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Upcoming screening around Holland

GroningerForum – 4 feb
Eye – 5 februari (Dag van de Dwarse film)
Natlab Eindhoven – 11 februari
Chassé Breda – 13 februari 19.15 uur
Cinema Middelburg – speelweek 16 februari

as part of the iffr-high-lights tour;

Cloacinae, Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, China./NL, 2017, 25′
Information Skies, Metahaven, Zuid Korea/NL, 2017, 24′
The Remnant, Judith Westerveld, Zuid Afrika/ NL, 2017, 20′
Three Wavelengths, Mikko Keskiivari, Fin/NL, 2016, 9′
Extrapolate, Johan Rijpma, Japan/NL/, 2017, 2′