Tubes, such as the sewers  interest me. The sealed secretive infrastructure, the colors, the invisible speed that is hidden inside them, etc. In 2009 when I was working on the artbook for children TUBU, I realized how narrative each tube is. I heard this story about  how australian aboriginals can read a landscape, by singing it. Following a tube or pipe is like reading a story.  A  sealed carrier open for interpretation. A few years after making TUBU, I organized a life soundtrack with my band OORBEEK and guest musician Nate Tucker,  to a collage of -footage of inspection pipe video’s that I had edited together ( like a plumber joins pipes together.)

It turned out really good; the band playing & taking the audience on a journey into kilometers of pipes. I always thought this  should be repeated. This year is the right moment, while I’ll be down the sewers for pretty much the rest of the year. So; stay tuned for updated on sewer inspection-performances in Taipei and Beijing this spring..

The first of these performances will take place at Taipei Artist Village Saturday 15 march with musicians Chao-Ming Tung & Mark van Tongeren, Erika Spreij and myself will take care of the visuals