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CalArts Lecture

CalArts Lecture

CalArts has two animation departments; character animation, where students are prepared to work for Pixar, Disney, etc and experimental animation. Unfortunately I didn’t got to see what the students where doing there, but I’ve heard it’s not that experimental. It’s quite interesting that such a department exists. Showed my things and told them about the Cloacinae film. One student owned a book that I made more then 10 years ago for Zingmagazine. That was touching!

Tian Xiang

Puppet Master Tian Xiang working in Herbei Province on a figure that I designed and send to him by email from Amsterdam. He has cut many figures for me till today and sends them back by FedEx. Once I have recieved the figures I paint them.   This figure BigHand is inspired on a grotesque chinese character that I had come across several time. In the traditional chinese theatre this figure has the role of a joker. By giving him a cent-head that is in proportion with his hand, I have adapted him for my use.