Serge Onnen with Sverre Fredriksen

a seriousFilm production IMG_0057

In 2014 the production will start of the shadowpuppet and animat short film CLOACINAE. This film will be made by artist Serge Onnen in collaboration with several Chineese puppetmasters and with Norvegian animator Sverre Fredriksen.

Scenes will be shot in Taiwan, China and the Netherlands. Several pre-cinematographic techniques from Asia and Europe will be integrated in this film. The soundtrack for this film will be made by multi instrumentalist Li Daiguo from Dali (Yunnan province) and  guqin master Wu Na from Beijing.

CLOACINAE (the name of the Roman goddess of the sewers) takes place in the perforated world of tubes and pipes under our world of buildings & roads. The sewer is the negative space that supports our modern culture. Every building has a room where one can lock himself up to get rid of our least valuable and most personal belongings. In this dark world, the smallest of all monetary values, a cent, gets lost. This coin tries to find it’s way back to our world, where it has no value at all. CLOACINEA is a 25 minutes long economic road movie made with shadowpuppets, animation, shadows, phenakistiscopes, zootropes and other pre-cinematographic media.

The world premiere will be at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015. After the premiere the movie and the shadowpuppets will be exhibited together as an installation. Serge Onnen is a French/Dutch artist who works with different media and has shown his animations, installations and drawings around the world. ( Sverre Fredriksen is a Norvegian animator who studied in New Zeeland and is a specialist in stop-motion. He has worked on many different international projects. seriousFilm is a Rotterdam based independent production company that specializes in documentaries, (experimental) shorts and animated film.


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