little frustrations

I was not totally sure how this would work out, working with Master Liu &  his midgets. They are off course friendly but not so open to do things differently. Saying you want to do new things is one thing, being capable of doing so, is another. The idea of the chinese master is bit like that of a specialist in western culture, but probably different, it’s  bigger. And I don’t know that difference well enough, so I’m not sure if trying to get on the same page is even possible. One of those  things was that the master wanted a very large sum of money if he would work the puppets, but if he would instruct his midgets to do the moves, then it would be the friendly deal that was made before. Also other money issues made the second day less comfortable working. Not talking about money because its a delicate or dirty  subject, because it’s not chique, especially when you busy doing something high and cultural….Well, they don’t have that problem here! Working with the little people went well, they enjoyed it. Your making a film about a cent and than you get frustrated by this. (I’m sure this will not be the only moment in the process of the making). Cultural differences, language difficulties and technical problems. I don’t even get the feeling of them, trying to understand what I want. When I ask them; walk the puppet from left to right, slowly and elegant. They have no clue how that could look like.

Rolling up your T shirt, showing your belly on a hot day is typical Beijing fashion.

Master Liu with Rolled up T shirt ( Beijing hot day sexy style )


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